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The Ultimate 20 Step Guide to Eco-friendly Living

Eco-friendly living is only a few steps away. Here's a quick guide to help you

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 22.08.2017
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Celebrating Over a Year of Green Gas

To celebrate one year of our Green Gas, we take a look at its success over the last 16 months.

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 18.08.2017
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Our Green Gas suppliers: Meet Cannington Enterprises

We recently paid a visit to Cannington Enterprises, our suppliers of biomethane which makes up 6% of our gas, to find out how it’s generated and what the future is for increased biomethane in the grid.

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 16.08.2017
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What's so smart about smart meters?

Just what is all the fuss around smart meters about?

Posted by: Will McMyn | Posted on: 16.08.2017
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Not All Green Tariffs Are Created Equal

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is...

Posted by: Tom Steward | Posted on: 15.08.2017
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What is the Future of Renewables in the UK?

The Future of Renewables: When New Scientist asked the questions

Posted by: Charlie Makin | Posted on: 07.08.2017
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Good Energy at the Eden Project

Good Energy recently visited one of our Selectricity customers, the Eden Project, to attend and speak at the Energy Island conference

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 25.07.2017
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Renewable Energy Myths – Fact Busted!

Do you know your renewable facts from fiction?

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 17.07.2017
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Let’s Talk About Subsidies

Do you know your subsidy fact from subsidy fiction?

Posted by: Tom Steward | Posted on: 10.07.2017
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A Costly Nuclear Legacy: Why Hinkley Point C is such a bad deal

We explain why the NAO has labelled Hinkley Point C "a risky and expensive project with uncertain benefits" and why renewables are the real way forward.

Posted by: Tom Steward | Posted on: 29.06.2017
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