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Chutney, Pickle and renewable energy sauces

Curious Curators of Culinary Condiments.

Posted by: Imogen Suter | Posted on: 13.10.2017
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The making of a solar farm - the hard way

Anyone who has seen the occasional solar farm popping up in a matter of weeks by the side of a motorway might be tempted to think that building one must be quite a straightforward process.

Posted by: James Ryle | Posted on: 22.05.2017
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Electric Avenue: Brixton Energy is powering the people

Good Energy meets Brixton Energy, just one of the many independent generators that Good Energy use to provide our customers with 100% renewable electricity.

Posted by: Holly Meyrick | Posted on: 27.03.2017
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The ‘state of nature’ on our solar sites

At Good Energy we strive not only to produce cleaner, greener energy to help combat climate change, but to protect and nourish the natural environments around our generation sites.

Posted by: Ruth Curtis | Posted on: 07.10.2016
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Get ready to solar-brate

We look back at a great two years supporting solar schools.

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 20.09.2016
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Good Energy update: a sunny start to 2016

Our latest company report is out...

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 28.07.2016
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Turns Out the Sky is NOT the Limit!

The Solar Impulse is finally making its way back to Abu Dhabi...

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 27.07.2016
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Our new solar farm: waving hello to 5MW

New Solar Energy

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 19.02.2016
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Harnessing the power of the sun to pull families out of fuel poverty

Good Energy is using solar power to help beat fuel poverty in the UK

Posted by: Kate Turner | Posted on: 12.01.2016
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When it comes to clean energy, the investment market is not fit for purpose

When it comes to clean energy, the investment market is not fit for purpose...

Posted by: Juliet Davenport | Posted on: 20.08.2015
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