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Meet the family who have won a lifetime's supply of 100% renewable electricity

Two million cheese packets, 19,000 entries, one winner of a lifetime's renewable electricity

Posted by: Imogen Suter | Posted on: 31.10.2017
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Celebrating Over a Year of Green Gas

To celebrate one year of our Green Gas, we take a look at its success over the last 16 months.

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 18.08.2017
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Our Green Gas suppliers: Meet Cannington Enterprises

We recently paid a visit to Cannington Enterprises, our suppliers of biomethane which makes up 6% of our gas, to find out how it’s generated and what the future is for increased biomethane in the grid.

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 16.08.2017
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9 Reasons the UK Needs To Abandon Natural Gas

In order to achieve a renewable future, the UK needs to give up gas.

Posted by: Charlie Makin | Posted on: 01.03.2017
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Greening the UK's energy mix: the impact of green gas

What is biomethane, and how can it help the UK towards a greener future?

Posted by: Juliet Davenport | Posted on: 06.06.2016
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Green Gas for your home: Gas that does Good

Find out about our new Green Gas, with biomethane and carbon-saving initiatives

Posted by: Michael Cox | Posted on: 04.04.2016
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We're lowering our gas price by 7.2%!

We’re dropping our gas price from April 1st for new and existing customers

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 18.02.2016
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Electricity from cheese? Must be some very special cows!

These cows can create electricity!

Posted by: Michael Cox | Posted on: 28.08.2015
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