Selectricity: The future of local, renewable electricity for businesses

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Posted on: 15.11.2016

Here at Good Energy, we’ve always believed that a 100% renewable future with local, decentralised energy generation was the shape of things to come in the UK.
So we’re really excited to be launching our brand new online business platform Selectricity, which puts consumers at the heart of the energy market.
The first of its kind in this country, Selectricity allows companies to pick an “energy mix” which perfectly suits their business, giving more control over where their electricity comes from and hour by hour visibility of their usage.
So whether it’s a hydro turbine in the mountains of Wales, or solar panels on the roof of a housing estate in London, businesses will have the ability to match all of the electricity they use with local, renewable power at the click of a button. This creates an entirely new dynamic to supplying renewable energy for business as there are now a wealth of choices available.

With customers including the National Trust and Community Power Cornwall, Selectricity is already bringing about unlikely pairings and incredible stories - just like this one between the Eden Project in Cornwall and Brixton Energy in London.

The Generator: Brixton Energy



"Our energy project in Brixton was one of the first schemes to use this new platform. Thanks to Selectricity we now know that the energy being generated by our solar panels is being matched with the Eden Project – something we would have never known before."

Agamemnon Otero, CEO Repowering London.



"Selectricity is a great step forward for the smart grid: being able to match our electricity needs to a particular local supplier gives us transparency and takes the strain off the wider network. We are delighted to be part of such an important new offering."

Augusta Grand, Head of Policy at the Eden Project.

The Business: The Eden Project

We’re proud to be pioneering a technology that finally makes what once was a complex web of generation, simple.
In minutes, businesses can bring their corporate social responsibility goals to life, reduce their carbon emissions and visually see where their power is coming from. And it can all be done on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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