If you’ve watched anything on television recently, you might have spotted a footprint logo, appearing on the end credits. But do you know what this footprint actually stands for?

What is albert?

Overseen by BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) the albert Consortium is the UK’s flagship think tank on sustainability in film and television.

Launched in 2011, albert aims to help the UK’s film and TV industry cut carbon, raise awareness of the environmental impact of programme-making and move the industry to a more sustainable future.

From April 2017, the BBC became the first broadcaster to announce that all its programming will now track its carbon footprint using albert’s tools – a huge step for the industry.

What does albert provide?

albert is a whole programme that includes training, certification, procurement and carbon calculation.

The online carbon calculator allows production companies to understand the total carbon they have emitted during the course of production, including how much carbon is being produced per hour of programming.

Trivia: Did you know that on average, 13 tonnes of carbon is emitted in creating one hour of TV? And that 60% of those emissions comes from electricity usage? That’s the equivalent of powering one home for three years with non-renewable electricity.

Since late 2016, Good Energy has been working with albert to support the organisation’s ‘Creative Energy Project’, after being introduced by our partners, the leading global arts charity, Julie’s Bicycle.

Together, with albert, we are helping to drive more creative organisations in the UK towards 100% renewable electricity in an effort to cut more of these carbon emissions.

The ‘Creative Energy Project’

The project has already seen TV companies such as Baby Cow Productions, Mammoth Screen, Directors UK and even BAFTA itself switch to Good Energy to power their productions and head offices.

Speaking about the project, and BAFTA’s switch, Kevin Price, BAFTA COO & albert Consortium Chair, said: “A long journey starts with a single step and I think what’s been brilliant about albert is that every week we’ve got examples of progress being made. 

“And those are all small steps towards a much bigger endeavour. The more steps we take the more confidence there is that we can make a difference.

“At BAFTA we have a responsibility to lead the film and television industries towards a wholly sustainable future and this is an important step in that journey. We are delighted to be working with Good Energy to achieve this.”

Switch your business to green electricity

This news isn’t just a good move for the creative sector; the reach of organisations like BAFTA can help motivate businesses from all sectors to look to renewables.

If you’ve been inspired and want to be able to report zero carbon emissions for your business energy, then sign up your business today. 

And make sure to keep an eye out for the albert logo in the end credits of your favourite TV programme to see who’s taking sustainability seriously.