Climate change is our responsibility.

We believe that everyone deserves a future on our home planet. Swimming in our rivers, walking in our forests or simply breathing clean air should always be an option; for us, for our children and for their children.
We know that to keep the planet our home we have to get to 100% renewable energy. So that’s what we are working towards every single day.
We exist to give you the ability to generate your own power, not just buy ours. No one owns the sunshine, the wind or the rain, so let’s share it.
Our goal is to turn every home and business into its own clean power station. Get your clean energy from families and businesses in your local community. Power generated by people like you, for people like you.
We believe that we all have our part to play. We do ours not only by empowering you to buy and share clean energy but also by investing in clean technologies.
We must be bold, stand up and take action to tackle climate change. We are more powerful together with our customers, generators, shareholders, partners and people.
We invite you to stand up with us.