Good Energy Bonds I

We would like to thank you for your support with your investment in Good Energy Bond. With your investment we are delivering on our development strategy.

What your Bond achieved

Good Energy Bonds I have supported the development of 13 solar farms across the UK and over 150MW of renewable projects. In addition to supplying green electricity to UK households these solar farms have made a significant positive impact on the lives of local communities through community benefit funds, educational open days at our sites and wildlife and biodiversity programmes.

What next?

Following government policy changes over the last eighteen months, we are now stepping away from the development of energy generation assets as the market has moved in favour of large scale developers.

As the energy market continues to evolve at a rapid rate we are now focusing on growing our core supply business and developing sustainable energy solutions in areas such as storage, electric vehicle networks and green business consultancy to support consumer and business needs in this new environment.

Good Energy Bonds II was launched to support this new strategy and we were overwhelmed by the support and vote of confidence from our customers and investors.

Our new strategy will ensure we continue to power the choice for a greener and cleaner future together and deliver our long-term ambition to help realise a more sustainable energy market for the UK.

Good Energy Bonds I Key Terms & Conditions

A reminder of the terms for Repayment, Redemption request and Interest in the Bond Instrument Deed Poll are as follows:


  • Unless you notify Good Energy that you wish to redeem your Good Energy Bond, the Repayment Date will be extended annually.
  • Good Energy can elect to repay the Bonds in full at any time.


Redemption request

  • Bondholders can redeem their Bond on the Repayment Date by providing at least six months’ notice before the Repayment Date.
  • The redemption notification deadline date for repayment on 22 November 2018 is 22 May 2018.
  • To redeem, please send in your notice of redemption which can be found on the reverse of your Bond Certificate to:

Good Energy Group plc

FAO the Company Secretary

Monkton Reach

Monkton Hill


SN15 1EE



  • Customer bonus interest will continue to accrue at 0.25% per annum for each Bond year that you are a customer on 1 January, up to and including the Bond year in which Good Energy Bonds I is repaid or redeemed.
  • Interest will be earned up to the repayment or redemption date and will continue to have a 7.25% interest rate (7.50% effective rate for Good Energy customers) until these Bonds are redeemed or repaid under the terms outlined in the Good Energy Bonds Invitation Document.
  • The final payment will include the amount of the original investment plus any accrued but unpaid interest at that time.


Further information on the terms of repayment, redemption and interest payments can be found by visiting and downloading the Good Energy Bonds Invitation Document.

If you have any questions relating to your Good Energy Bonds please contact us at

Thank you for enabling us to power a cleaner, greener future together.

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