Good Energy Bonds I

Good Energy Bonds are helping us to build our new solar parks and are a valuable contribution towards increasing renewable energy generation in the UK.

How Good Energy Bonds are helping

Good Energy really appreciates the contribution that our bondholders have made towards helping us fund new renewable electricity projects. Already, your investment has helped build new solar generation capacity – we began construction on a 4.9MW site in Dorset, and work is expected to start shortly on two further sites.

Your investment is providing a vital contribution to increasing low carbon generation in the UK. Thank you again for your continued support of Good Energy and our goals of developing new renewable electricity generation capacity, addressing climate change and helping establish a more energy-secure UK.

Bondholders - Are you a Good Energy customer?

If you are a Good Energy customer we would like to know so we can make sure you receive the additional interest payment. You are entitled to receive the additional customer interest (payable on maturity) for any bond year in which you are one of our valued customers, whether you buy your energy from us or are a generator supported by us. 

The good news is that it doesn't have to be the bondholder who necessarily pays the bill – we have extended it so that you are entitled to the interest even if someone else in your household is the customer. But it would help us if you could make sure we are aware of it by contacting and providing your customer account number(s).


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