Our energy

We've always believed the UK can be powered purely by renewables. That's why we have always sourced our electricity from certified renewable sources like sunshine, wind and water. 

Good Energy's projected fuel mix

Climate Change Levy Exempt 
Other energy companies charge businesses a Climate Change Levy which is a tax on the supply of energy. Because our electricity tariff comes from 100% renewable sources it means that Good Energy electricity is Climate Change Levy exempt.

Encouraging independent energy generation
We buy our green electricity from independent generators and business around the country, from your local farmers to sustainable businesses like Mackie’s ice cream. We pioneered incentives for renewable generators almost a decade ago and have been offering an expert Feed-in Tariff service through our award-winning HomeGen and SmartGen schemes ever since.

As the county's leading nature conservation organisation, it’s important that the Sussex Wildlife Trust set an example by making the most sustainable decisions possible. That’s why we’ve chosen Good Energy to be our electricity supplier. Clean, green and carbon-free, all their electricity comes from certified UK renewable sources. It means we can be sure we’re helping to protect our natural world every single day.

Mark Anscombe, Sussex Wildlife Trust