Switch your business now

Switching to Good Energy couldn’t be easier. There’s no disruption to your electricity or gas supply and you don't need a new meter. It just takes a few simple steps to help your business go green.  If you are a Half Hourly customer, you need to follow a slightly different process.

1.  Get a quote

Before you can arrange your switch to our green electricity, you need to get a quote.  The process for this varies according to the type of business meter you have.  Smaller business can check our prices online, but larger users will need to request a quote.

2.  Sign up for Good Energy

Smaller businesses can sign up over the phone by calling 0800 254 0000 and speaking to one of our Business Sales Team. Larger businesses will be sent a contract by our Business Sales team to complete the switch.

3. Cooling off period

Once you’ve submitted your details, we’ll send you your contract and a direct debit mandate.   You then have a 7 day cooling-off period in case you want to change your mind.  

4. Confirmation of switch date

If we haven’t heard from you at the end of your cooling-off period we’ll get in touch with your current supplier and let them know you’re leaving. We’ll then let you know the exact date your supply will be transferred to us. It usually takes 3 weeks for electricity and 5 weeks for gas.

5. Send us a meter reading

On your switch date, please send us a meter reading unless you have a half hourly meter. We pass this on to your old supplier so they can issue you your final bill, and it allows us to complete the setup of your account.

6. That's it - you've switched to Good Energy!

Building a renewable energy future for the special places we look after makes good business as well as environmental sense. Signing up to Good Energy is another way our members can support the work we do, showing how they care for the places we look after for the benefit of the nation.

Patrick Begg, National Trust Rural Enterprise Director