Our energy

We supply you through the National Grid, which is like a dirty pond of electricity. When you switch to us, we match all the electricity you use over a year with electricity sourced purely from renewables. It’s like pouring fresh water into that pond. Slowly but surely we’ll clean things up.

100% renewable electricity
We've always believed the UK can be powered purely by renewables. That's why we have always sourced our electricity from certified renewables like sunshine, wind and water.

Our energy

Encouraging independent energy generation
Our green electricity comes from a growing community of independent suppliers across Britain. We pioneered incentives for renewable generators almost a decade ago and have been offering an expert Feed-in Tariff service through our award-winning HomeGen and SmartGen schemes ever since. It's helping put power in the hands of the people, instead of remote corporations.

Certified electricity from the country's greenest generators
Our main tariff is fully verified by the Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme, our industry's equivalent to Organic Certification. It means you can be sure it comes from where we say it does - sunshine, wind, water and sustainable biogeneration. And because we only buy from generators that pass our strict purchasing policy we can be sure the production of our electricity has as little impact on the surrounding natural and human environments as possible.

We supply gas too
We’re helping to grow renewable heat in the UK with our Gas+ tariff.

Note: The chart above is a forecast of Good Energy’s fuel mix for 2012 based on currently contracted generation, and therefore is subject to change

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