Our energy

We supply you through the National Grid, which is like a dirty pond of electricity.

When you switch to us, we match all the electricity you use over a year with electricity sourced purely from renewables. It’s like pouring fresh water into that pond. Slowly but surely we’ll clean things up.

Good Energy fuel mix

We believe the UK can be powered purely by renewables. That's why we have always sourced our electricity from certified renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro and biogas. 

Encouraging independent energy generation

We buy our 100% renewable electricity from over 1,000 independent generators and businesses across the UK, from local farmers to sustainable businesses including Mackie’s ice cream, Wyke Farms dairy and The National Trust.

We pioneered incentives for renewable generators almost a decade ago and have been offering an expert Feed-in Tariff service through our award-winning home generation and SmartGen schemes ever since.

Investing in renewable technology

As well as supporting our growing community of independent generators, we’re developing our own wind and solar farms to help meet increasing customer demand for 100% renewable electricity.

We can keep our prices much more stable for our customers because we generate our own power.

Our wind and solar farms


Find out about our wind and solar farms.

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