Working with landowners

We think our combination of experience, commitment to renewables and sensitive approach makes us an excellent partner for landowners. Contact the team now.

Why wind and solar?

Large-scale wind and solar developments can offer a good opportunity to diversify, providing a reliable long-term income with low risk. An additional advantage is that agriculture can continue alongside a renewable energy sites, ensuring farms can maintain a healthy, viable business, continue to make the most of their natural resources.


Ensuring that wind projects are developed sensitively and intelligently is vital – and this means identifying sites where environmental impacts will be low and wind speeds are not only high but are consistent too. Selecting the appropriate scale and design of turbine, as well as the right number, is also essential. Working closely with the you, the landowner, and using your knowledge of the land to find the best location to site the turbines as well as to ensure the development has minimal interruption to farm activities means the project can progress as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.


Developing field-scale solar photovoltaic projects in the UK is a nascent industry but we are proud to be able to draw on some of the best expertise in the country. We take pride in taking a responsible and rounded approach to our work. We want to make sure the land used for solar still has agricultural value, so we want our sites to support sheep grazing and will sow wild flower seed mix to help pollenating insects thrive.

Our development principles

1. Transparency
Integrity and transparency are guiding principles of how our Good Energy does business. This means we only dedicate time and resources to sites we believe have the highest likelihood of achieving planning approval.

2. Community engagement
We believe in informing as many people as possible, as early as possible, with detailed, accurate information about a project. Local residents are updated with well-publicised community exhibitions where Good Energy team members are on hand to talk about the project and answer any questions. We like to make sure we have spoken face to face with members of the community prior to the exhibition so we can address any issues they may have.

3. Good communication
Liaising closely with council officials, statutory consultees and stakeholders is vital to the successful of a project and we build and maintain these relationships throughout our time in the community. Detailed, regular communication with you, the landowner, is also essential.

4. Environmental assessments
We carry out thorough environmental assessments at every potential site. The utmost care is taken to mitigate the risks to flora and fauna and to ensure there is as little damage to the land and water courses as possible.