Holm and Hollymill

Holm and Hollymill

Following the decision by planners at Aberdeenshire County Council to refuse consent in January 2014, we’re currently considering the options in relation to our proposed wind farm near Turiff.

The original planning application was for two 2.3MW turbines on Holm and Hollymill farms near King Edward village, together capable of generating enough renewable electricity to power approximately 2,495 average homes.

Our plans included the provision of a community benefit fund worth £9,200 every year (rising with inflation) for the 25-year life of the project and the offer to local householders of a separate, local electricity tariff which would always be at least 20% cheaper than the Good Energy standard tariff.

Further updates on the project will be provided in due course.

Project details

Proposed number of turbines: 2

Proposed total capacity: 4.6MW

Generation output: Enough to power approximately 2,495 homes

Development status: Planning