Delabole Wind Farm

Delabole wind farm

The brainchild of the Edwards family, Delabole Wind Farm in North Cornwall was initially developed as a greener alternative to plans for a nuclear power station in the area.

What began as a wild idea over the kitchen table led to the family selling its 150-strong dairy herd and milk quota to help finance the development of the UK’s first commercial wind farm, completed and commissioned in 1991.

Good Energy bought the wind farm in 2002 and has owned and operated it ever since. In 2009, recognising the advances in technology over the years and the opportunity to enhance the capacity of the site, we decided to repower the wind farm, investing £11.8 million to develop the second generation of turbines. The Edwards family is still closely involved with Good Energy, with Martin Edwards sitting on the board of the Group and in charge of maintenance at the wind farm site.

Project key facts

Number of turbines: 4

Installed capacity: 9.2MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 27,000MWh (actual)

Homes powered: 6,400

Status: Operational