Good Energy’s fuel mix

At Good Energy, we source all our renewable electricity from solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power and biofuels.  

We always have done and we always will. No other UK energy supplier can promise that.

Good Energy fuel mix

What does a supplier's fuel mix mean?

Over the course of a year, energy suppliers must purchase sufficient electricity to feed into the national electricity grid to cover the amount their customers take out. This is done by trading electricity on a market with generators, or by taking from suppliers’ own generation capacity - like our wind farm in Delabole, for example.

At the end of each year, suppliers must disclose their fuel mix (the percentage of electricity they have procured from each power source - coal, gas, nuclear and renewables) to OFGEM. This is published annually to help consumers make informed choices about their electricity supplier. At Good Energy we ensure that all the electricity we sell to customers each year is matched 100% with electricity sourced from renewables.

The average kWh of electricity in the UK results in 360g of CO2 emissions and 0.007g of radioactive waste.

As a 100% renewable electricity supplier, the electricity we supply contains 0g of CO2 and no radioactive waste.

Solar power


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Wind power


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