National Trust

Together we can look after the nation’s special places.

We're working in partnership with National Trust to build an energy future that will help keep the nation’s special spaces fit for generations to come.

At Good Energy, not only do we source our electricity from 100% renewable sources like sunshine, wind and rain, it’s generated by a growing community of independent generators across the UK.

A number of them can be found at National Trust sites, like the PV system at Powis Castle or the hydro at Aberdulais Falls in Wales.

When you switch your home quoting National Trust, we’ll pay them up to £40 for every year you’re a customer - helping to fund renewable energy projects that create cleaner, greener energy for the National Trust, ensuring the special places they look after are protected forever. 

We reckon the electricity you use at home accounts for around 24% of your carbon footprint - and electricity consumption accounts for around 45% of the energy carbon footprint of the average home.

To calculate the contribution domestic electricity consumption makes to your annual carbon footprint, we first looked at the national breakdown of per capita emissions. We then tallied the total of Domestic and Transport emissions and calculated the reduction that would occur if ‘Domestic Electricity’ resulted in zero carbon emissions.

Building a renewable energy future for the special places we look after makes good business as well as environmental sense. Signing up to Good Energy is another way our members can support the work we do, showing how they care for the places we look after for the benefit of the nation.

Patrick Begg, National Trust Rural Enterprise Director