Choosing your technology

Renewable technologies have come a long way in the last decade. There are so many options available today for the domestic and commercial generation market that the real challenge is trying to figure out which technology best meets your needs.

This section of our website is all about helping you do that. We will guide you through the technologies harnessing renewable resources and explain how they work, how to choose the best site, and answer some of the frequently asked questions we've received that you yourself maybe also wondering about.

If you are a domestic generator, we have a range of assessment surveys that you can use to get advice on your particular situation from our team of microgeneration experts.  We also have advice for commercial generators looking into the viability of larger generation projects from our experienced commercial generation team.


Home generation

Interested in generating your own? Find out which technology suits your needs.

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Commercial generation

If you are looking into viability of a commercial generation project, our guidance and resources can help you get started.

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