Centre for Alternative Technology

Centre for Alternative Technology

Choose an electricity supplier that’s changing UK energy, for good

We’ve been in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) for over a decade and know how vital their work is. Through their research, education and inspiration they’re providing practical solutions to some of the most serious challenges facing our planet.

At Good Energy we believe that 2050 could see the UK powered purely by renewables – CAT have taken this one step further, saying the country can be zero carbon by 2030. And that’s why we source all our electricity from certified renewables like Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and Welsh rain. We always have done and always will. No other energy supplier in the country can promise that.

Our electricity is produced locally too, by a growing community of independent generators across Britain.

But none of this means we have to cost more than the standard suppliers, so our bills could be lighter on your pocket as well as the planet.

No wonder CAT choose our green electricity. Switch your home too and we’ll pay them £30 to help them develop practical ways to live sustainably.

"Choosing Good Energy's green electricity takes us a step closer to a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030."

Paul Allen, CAT's Zero Carbon Britain Project Director