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Hampole wind farm

The current energy system is broken. We rely on finite, polluting resources to power our homes and over 60% of the fuel the UK needs to generate electricity is imported, coming from places as far afield as Australia and Russia. To make matters worse, the consumer energy market is dominated by dinosaurs with outmoded business models that fail to put their customers’ best interests first.

At Good Energy, we believe renewables can change all this. By generating power from clean, green, everlasting sources that can be found right on our doorstep and harnessed at a variety of scales in a variety of ways, they liberate the energy market and allow power production to be put back into the heart of communities.

Our new wind farm at Hampole, just off the A1 near Doncaster, is an excellent example of our vision in action.

The construction was completed both on time and to budget, and because we sourced the turbine towers from leading British manufacturers Mabey Bridge in Chepstow, we were able to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and boost the UK's economy as well. It is now in operation and with it comes the launch of our second local electricity tariff. Just like our pioneering Delabole Local tariff introduced in February last year, we’ve introduced the Hampole Local tariff, which will offer eligible households electricity at least 20% less than our standard prices.

Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North, and a former energy secretary, has said that Britain should “embrace” onshore wind farms because they can “make a difference.” One such way they do this is through enabling people to play a part in encouraging and developing innovative projects, such as local electricity tariffs, that benefit people and the planet, creating an energy future that’s fit for us all.

We want to see communities who live near our wind farms share in their success. The Hampole Local tariff is a socially progressive innovation that is part of our ongoing commitment to our neighbours. We think it’s only right that our local communities should be recognised for their involvement in tackling climate change and reducing the UK’s increasing reliance on imported fossil fuels.

With more companies and more communities encouraging more developments like Hampole, Delabole and their respective local tariffs, together we can continue to harness the awesome power of nature and build a cleaner, greener, better future for us all.

If like us you believe in such a future, please watch our video and share it with your friends. 

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