Our parent company, Good Energy Group plc, reported its 2012 annual results this morning and we’re pleased that they show a continuing improvement across all areas of the business.

2012 certainly proved to be an eventful time for the UK energy market, and overall it was a positive year for Good Energy.

For us, there are three things from 2012 that stand out:

- We’re really pleased that more of you have chosen to become Good Energy customers. We were set up so that households, businesses and communities can make a difference in tackling climate change, and that mission remains at the heart of the company. By the end of 2012, our electricity customers had increased by 13% and our gas customers had increased by 58%.

- We’ve seen a big increase in customers generating their own renewable electricity through the Feed-in Tariff. We’re thrilled to be now supporting over 46,000 generators who are turning the energy market upside down. At the end of 2011, we supported around 12,000 generators.

- We’re progressing well with our plans to develop new renewables projects by 2016, with 32MW of onshore wind farms and 200MW of solar farms in our 2013/4 development pipeline.

So what does all of this mean for our customers? The ongoing improvement in the performance of the Company means that we’ve been able to invest more in the things that really matter:

- In delivering the high quality of service that customers have come to expect from us. Our long-term investment in customer service was recognised at the start of 2012 when we topped Which? Magazine’s prestigious Energy Satisfaction Survey of energy suppliers for the second time. We were thrilled to top the Survey yet again this January, for the third time in the last four years.

- At a time when the economy continues to be a worry, we’re doing our bit to support green growth and help you better manage your energy use. We are employing more people, with the Good Energy team growing by over a third in 2012.

- Our investment in customer care means that in the January 2013 Which? Magazine Energy Satisfaction Survey we were the only energy supplier to receive top marks for helping its customers to save energy.

- We dropped our gas prices by an average of 5% for our dual fuel customers after we were able reduce our running costs. Sadly, we had to end our four year run of not increasing our electricity prices, with an average rise of 9% towards the end of the year. This was mainly due to an increase in the charges we have to pay to the companies who deliver electricity to you.

- We’ve been helping to build the UK’s next generation of energy infrastructure through our plans to create new renewables capacity. Owning and operating more of our own sites will also make it easier to hold our prices stable in the future.

- We wanted to pioneer a new approach to developing new sites, so we launched our Developer’s Charter which includes our innovative Local Tariff, offering those closest to our wind farms cheaper Good Energy bills.

- We’re supporting more independent green electricity generators by ensuring that we’re offering them a good deal for the electricity they produce. That’s good for the market as whole, because it helps more new projects get off the ground, attracting new entrants and improving competition in the process.

Looking back on the year, Juliet Davenport OBE, Good Energy Group CEO and founder, comments:

“Good Energy was set up to enable people to make a difference in tackling climate change and ensuring that the UK has the secure access to energy supplies it needs. These results affirm that we’re heading in the right direction and we’re delighted to be successfully delivering on those objectives.

“We’re supplying and buying more renewable electricity than ever before and we’re delighted that more and more customers are choosing us as their energy supplier. We’re proud to be offering the high quality of service that they have come to expect. And we’re moving forward with investment in the UK’s next generation of energy infrastructure and the green economy.”

“All of these things wouldn’t be possible without Good Energy being a strong and successful renewable energy company. We’re proud to be delivering a cleaner, green and more secure energy future for the UK.”

You can find out more information on our annual results here.

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