New Government stats reveal strong support for renewables

79% of the UK public support renewable energy with only 5% opposed, according to statistics published by DECC on Monday. With 83% backing, solar photovoltaic proved the most popular of the renewable energy sources, followed by offshore wind on 76%.

Decision day approaches for wind

On 10th July the Energy and Climate Change Committee took evidence on the economics of wind power. The Chair of the Committee, Tim Yeo MP, said: "Government policy on wind power should be based on sound economics and engineering, not political pressure.”

The Guardian reported that the government's decision on how much to reduce subsidies is expected soon.  CBI chief John Cridland added his voice to the debate, urging the government to end the "political row" over renewable energy subsidies in order to properly stimulate growth and investment.

Green economy good for growth and stability, says Ed Davey

On Wednesday, energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey promoted the economic case for action on climate change. Davey argued that there is a real danger of the UK being outpaced by competitors in the process of “going green”, and people should not be drawn into a “false choice” between the economy and the environment.

Energy market reform: Less of Big Society and more of Big Stitch Up?

Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy, blogged this week for E2B Pulse on the importance of community-owned energy and the impact of EMR on this growing sector.

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