Changing the dominance of the energy market

Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy, wrote this week for the Guardian, outlining Good Energy’s vision for a decentralised energy market which moves from ‘the power of the Big Six to the power of thousands’. A YouGov survey commissioned by Good Energy found that 71% of people are concerned that the majority (57%) of fuel used to generate electricity comes from overseas. There is no doubt that consumers want to see a change to the energy market, they need to pressurise the government into making these changes.

Did you see a CBE?

Friends of the Earth launched phase 2 of their Clean British Energy campaign this week, awarding a number of CBE medals to famous UK statues. The campaign, in partnership with Good Energy, aims to pressurise the government into switching the country over to renewable energy. Supporters are being asked to switch their energy supply to 100% renewable electricity suppliers, such as Good Energy, as well as signing a petition to the Energy Minister, Ed Davey.

Does onshore wind still have a future in the UK’s energy mix?

The London School of Economics released on Monday a policy briefing reviewing evidence on the extent to which onshore wind could play a part in the UK’s future energy mix.  The report, whilst not ignoring the resistance onshore wind has in the UK, sets out a series of policy recommendations to encourage onshore wind farms “where they make sense and prevent them from happening where they do not”. LSE’s report comes just a week after it was announced that the chancellor intended to make large cuts to wind farm subsidies. 

The Chancellor’s planned wind farm subsidy cuts to be investigated

Good news that MPs will investigate in detail plans for onshore wind – the cheapest form of renewable energy. The House of Commons select committee on energy and climate change will be looking at the economics of wind power after the treasury announced plans last week for massive cuts of 25% to windfarm subsidies.

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