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2010 a good year for green energy investments
Green energy investments had their strongest year so far in 2010, according to figures published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It reports that $243 billion (£155.3 billion) was invested in this sector, more than double figures from 2006. Advances in offshore wind power and solar in Europe were partially responsible for this boost to investment.

Let’s hope 2011 will prove to be even better.

Are media not interested in climate change?
This week NASA and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data confirming 2010 (tied with 2005) to be the warmest year since records began. This interesting Guardian blog notes that the UK media all but ignored it. A useful counterclaim to the skeptics who maintain that the UK’s recent cold snap indicates that global warming is not an issue.

Five year low for UK gas supplies


Gas stocks in the UK are at their lowest for five years. National Grid reports that the gas storage facilities are already more than half empty thanks to the hardest-hitting winter since 1890. Already the UK imports the majority of our gas supplies from overseas – for Good Energy this highlights how vulnerable our energy security is and the importance of establishing a network of homegrown renewable energy supplies to decrease our reliance on fossil fuel.

UK and China to partner up to develop low carbon technology
Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, has confirmed a ‘knowledge sharing’ deal with China has been agreed to allow both countries to further grow in clean technologies. This deal emerges as it is revealed that China invests twice as much on clean technology than the U.S.

And finally …

Swedes use body heat to warm buildings
A real estate company in Stockholm has developed a way to harvest commuters body heat rushing through Stockholm’s Central Station and use it to warm a neighboring building. Heat exchangers fitted in the stations ventilation system allow for expended body heat to be converted into hot water.

What a brilliant concept – an idea for London Paddington maybe?

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