Our history

Good Energy was founded over a decade ago with one clear goal – to make a difference to climate change. And we’re as focused on that today as we were when we began. But that’s not to say things haven’t evolved over the years. Here’s a few of the milestones we’ve passed to get where we are today.

1997 - We start life as Monkton Group, the UK-arm of a pan-European organisation.
The Monkton Group worked to develop the demand and supply of renewable energy across Europe as well as encourage individuals to invest in and buy it.

1999 - Juliet Davenport founds Unit[e], a subsidiary of the Monkton Group.
Unit[e] was an entirely new kind of energy company; a small green supplier in an industry dominated by behemoths. We wanted to give people the opportunity to make a better choice – 100% renewable electricity sourced from a company committed to growing renewable energy generation in the UK. We were the first supplier to offer purely renewable electricity to UK households then; and over a decade later we’re still committed to it.

2002 - Juliet Davenport becomes CEO of the Monkton Group and Unit[e] makes its first share offering.
More than 600 of our 5,000 customers bought shares, allowing Unit[e] to buy Delabole wind farm in Cornwall and further expand the business.

2003 - Unit[e] becomes Good Energy
We wanted something that was catchy and easy to remember but encapsulated our purpose too. We thought Good Energy summed it up perfectly, giving a clear sense of who we are and what we’re trying to achieve.

2004 - We make our second share offering, successfully raising more money to invest in the business.

2004 - Our award-winning HomeGen scheme is born.
Keen to continue supporting the development of renewable energy in the UK, we launched our Good EnergyHomeGen scheme to pay microgenerators for all the power they produce, even if they use it. The scheme – the first of its kind in the country – won us a whole host of awards as well as national recognition, securing our position as an exciting innovator in the sector. Our knowledge and expertise were later called upon during the development of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, launched in April 2010.

2007 – To raise new funds from both customers and independent investors we make our third share offering.
This provided us with the buffer we needed to be able to concentrate on growing the company – we reached a landmark 25,000 customers while successfully navigating the complex process of trading renewable energy.

2008 – The Good Energy Shop opens its (virtual) doors.
There are hundreds of products on the market claiming energy efficiency and ethical standards, and as many voices claiming they have the best energy saving advice. It can be tough to distinguish between the genuine articles and the charlatans. In response to our customers’ requests we launched the Good Energy Shop to cut through the confusion and offer a reliable and unbiased service.

2008 – We launch Gas+ and our award-winning HotROCs scheme – our precursor to the Renewable Heat Incentive.
When over half of our customers said they wanted us to supply them with gas too, we developed our Gas+ tariff andHotROCs scheme, the UK’s first renewable heat incentive. The two were designed to work together to encourage renewable heat generation in the UK, with some of the revenue from gas sales being used to reward customers on our HotROCs scheme generating their own renewable heat.

2009 – We invest £11.8 million to redevelop our original wind farm in Delabole, Cornwall.

2009 – Good Energy Academy is launched.
October saw the launch of the Good Energy Academy to ensure that every employee has the highest level of knowledge and skills spanning all aspects of a brighter energy future – we like to call it Fluent in Energy.

2010 - The Delabole project is completed in December, more than doubling the wind farm’s power output.

Our first decade saw some fantastic developments both within Good Energy and in the industry as a whole. Now in our second decade, we’re still proud to be a small supplier effecting significant change and delighted that the majority of our shareholders are also customers. It’s thanks to them that we’ve come this far.

Together we do this.

We've come a long way in just 10 years, and we have ambitious plans for the future: a goal of making the UK 100% renewable by 2050, built around a British homegrown energy movement.

Juliet Davenport, Good Energy CEO

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